Emily. 25. I can make some bomb as fuck cookies so you should totally be friends with me.


Wait, hold on.

They’re tweeting him their FANFICTION?!?


Seriously, this is ridiculous. I know it’s exciting, and he’s such a nice guy, but for goodness sakes, be professional!! He is a very talented actor with 20 something years of experience under his belt, and people are comparing him to cats and sending him fanfics! I want to just crawl under a table and die of embarrassment.

OUAT fandom, I am disappoint.

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    I’m actually agreeing with this and several other posts I’ve seen. Yes, I love this fandom probably a bit too much. But...
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    It’s like deja vu all over again. When will people stop doing this
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    Familiar situation is familiar. Alas, some people never learn about the wondrous thing called ‘boundaries’.
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    Only a few trusted, close people in my RL know about my online fandom personality. I don’t know when it became “cool” to...
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    …what? This can’t be happening. *sigh* You guys are the reason everyone thinks we’re creepy.
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